Syntegra and Purple Voice target off-floor staff

Syntegra and Purple Voice target off-floor staff

Syntegra has signed a reseller agreement with UK-based communications outfit Purple Voice to offer an integrated voice over IP (VoIP) trading solution for off-floor staff.

The agreement between the two companies covers sales and marketing processes, pricing, installation and support services in both the US and the UK.

Based on IP technology, Purple Voice software has been integrated with Syntegra's ITS voice trading platform. The system utilises a firm's existing corporate LAN and WAN to distribute voice and broadcast audio to every desktop, making it a cost effective solution, say the companies.

Purple Voice's audio solution will deliver any audio source - such as the London morning call - either live or recorded, to anyone with a multimedia PC on the corporate data network. Users can make point-to-point calls over a company's data network, using names, not numbers, from a directory or favourites list.

The solution also incorporates a communications channel which allows single or multiple users to communicate while allowing others, who may be monitoring the channel, to hear all activity and provide input.

Additionally, Purple Voice provides an instant text-messaging application that incorporates presence management, showing the availability of the intended recipient

Tim Furmidge, trading systems product manager for Syntegra, says the company sees areas such as the back office or off-floor sales, where demands are lower, as the ideal place to exploit IP - while maintaining traditional voice to run mission-critical voice trading applications.

"The agreement with Purple Voice is a key part of this strategy - since it allows us to offer our customers a Voice over IP solution that is fully integrated with our ITS voice trading platform," he says.

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