BNY Mellon puts custody on the iPad

BNY Mellon puts custody on the iPad

BNY Mellon is claiming to be the first global custodian to provide reports and instruction authorisation to institutional clients via the iPad.

Workbench Mobile is available now for download to registered users of BNY Mellon's proprietary Workbench desktop at the App Store. The new app will be accessible by more than 30,000 client users, says the bank.

Users will be able to view PDF reports, access regulatory news, and drill down into valuations and portfolio exposure across accounts and asset classes. Custody clients who also manage cash through the Workbench platform will additionally be given the capability to authorise cash instructions.

BNY Mellon says the app is secured by multi-factor authentication through a combination of a user ID, password, and the mobile device identifier.

Dan Wywoda, head of global product management for BNY Mellon Asset Servicing, comments: "From proprietary systems to Web-based platforms and now mobile apps, we're witnessing a revolutionary liberation of data that's transformed how people do business and how industries like ours need to respond."

He says the bank plans to reconfigure the service for smaller screens with the phased roll-out of apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices. Additional content and new features will be delivered to users' mobile device automatically through the App Store.

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