Musical ATM goes on display at Venice Biennale

Musical ATM goes on display at Venice Biennale

A working ATM attached to a classical church organ that plays rhapsodic chords during every cash withdrawal is the centrepiece of a showcase of modern American art on display at this year's Venice Biennale.

The work, entitled Algorithm, was created by the artists Allora and Calzadilla at the behest of Indianapolis Musuem of Art.

The towering 20ft tall construction features a BNL-BNPP Diebold ATM inside a traditional wooden pipe organ. Each financial transaction generates a unique musical score that produces randomised notes and chords by driving pressurised air through pipes selected via the ATM keyboard.

The artists collaborated with composer Jonathan Bailey to create a composition of sounds that range from atonal material to more classically structured melodies, harmonies, and phrases.

Danilo Rivalta, vice president and general manager, Diebold EMEA, southern and central regions, says: "The installation was created with security in mind, given that the characteristics and functions of this ATM meet the typical standards of BNL-BNPP's ATM network. The ATM interface is completely detached from the banking circuits and therefore, the security level is comparable to an ATM installed in a traditional bank."

The Puerto Rican-based artists had previously entered Algorithm for the 2011 commission for the Fourth Plinth exhibition in London's Trafalgar Square, but were beaten to the prize by a bronze sculpture of a small child astride a rocking horse.

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