Chinese man gets 10 years for fake ATM scam

Chinese man gets 10 years for fake ATM scam

A Chinese man has been jailed for 10 years for building a fake cash machine and using it to steal victims' bank card details, according to local press reports.

A Beijing court sentenced Huang and fined him 50,000 yuan, after he was convicted of "forging financial instruments".

Reports say Huang began installing card skimming devices and cameras at ATMs around Beijing in 2007, using the stolen data to create counterfeits.

However, after a close call with a bank employee he decided on a different approach, acquiring a fake machine casing and other equipment and installing the creation in his neighbourhood.

When victims tried to withdraw money from the fake ATM they were greeted with a message saying "service temporarily unavailable" but their card details were stored.

Pretending to be a bank staffer, Huang visited his machine every day, gathered the information and forged 31 cards which he used to steal 127,600 yuan.

Man jailed for fake ATM card swindle - Shanghai Daily

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