American Express partners Proton for Java Card-based smart card offering

American Express partners Proton for Java Card-based smart card offering

American Express is to adopt Proton World's Proton Prisma DP (Dynamic Profile) product for future issuances of American Express' Java Card-based smart cards worldwide.

Launched in February 2001, Proton Prisma DP allows smart card issuers to deploy customised, multi-function smart cards using an open, Java Card technology-based platform.

The core of the product consists of two components - Calc (Card Application & Life Cycle Manager) and DFM (Data File Manager). Calc creates a framework for card issuers to more easily manage multiple applications on a single card, provides the ability to download smart card applications from multiple channels such as the Internet and offers the ability for smart card users to access multiple applications through a single personal identification number (PIN). DFM allows card issuers to customise files and directories to support applications defined by the issuers themselves or by third party application developers and allows this to occur dynamically after issuance.

Glen Salow, executive vice president and chief information officer at American Express, says: "Proton Prisma DP will enhance our ability to deploy global smart card solutions with evolving functions and features for our customers and enable us to do so through a cost-effective, competitive delivery mechanism."

American Express plans to incorporate Proton Prisma DP into its Java Card-based smart cards products after it becomes commercially available. Proton World is currently targeting the release of Proton Prisma DP in the first quarter of 2002.

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