New York Fed economists start blogging

New York Fed economists start blogging

Economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York have set up a blog in a bid to better communicate with the public.

Liberty Street Economics, named after the road where the New York Fed is based, will enable economists to "engage with the public about economic issues quickly and frequently" and in a "less technical style".

The bank is promising to cover a wide range of issues from various perspectives with more than 60 economists from its research and statistics group contributing. Initially, the Fed will publish analytical posts twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays with a historical reading on Fridays.

Members of the public will also be able to comment on the blogs (with some restrictions) and responses are promised "in the hope of generating valuable dialogues".

New York is following in the footsteps of its sister, the Atlanta Fed, which regularly provides commentary on economic topics on its macroblog.

Concludes the New York Fed's introductory post: "This blog is an exciting experiment for us, and we plan to refine our approach as we gain experience with publishing in this space. We look forward to having you read the blog, to hearing your comments, and to being able to respond to your comments in turn."

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