Wells Fargo sets up green blog

Wells Fargo sets up green blog

Wells Fargo has added a new 'environmental stewardship' blog to its roster of social media communications channels.

The blog - the Wells Fargo Environmental Forum - boosts the US bank's green credentials with posts on banking products and services that promote energy efficiency.

"We want to be as open and clear as possible about our environmental efforts - both our accomplishments and challenges - and share our experiences, ideas and thoughts as we work to integrate environmental responsibility into everything we do. We also want to hear and learn from our customers." says Mary Wenzel, director of environmental affairs, in an introductory post.

Wells Fargo last year set a goal to reduce its US-based greenhouse gas emissions by 20% below 2008 levels by 2018.

The new blog joins other established social media channels created by the bank over the years, including its Guided by History forum, Student LoanDown site, and StageCoach Island virtual community.

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