Tesco plans 200 Glasgow call centre jobs for new mortgage business

Tesco plans 200 Glasgow call centre jobs for new mortgage business

Tesco Bank has inked a five year contract with customer management outsourcing firm Vertex that will see 200 call centre jobs created in Glasgow to support a move into the mortgage market next year.

The introduction of mortgages is a central plank of Tesco's plans to extend its financial services business from a collection of disparate products to that of a full-service retail bank.

It had initially planned to start offering mortgages this year but has delayed the process, reportedly amid moves by the Financial Services Authority to tighten up rules in the wake of the credit crunch.

The company now says mortgages should be on offer from early next summer and has inked a deal with Vertex that will see 200 permanent customer service jobs created in Glasgow's Atlantic Quay.

Benny Higgins, chief executive, Tesco Bank, says: "We are focused on designing mortgage products that are consistent with the Tesco brand; namely, products that are simple, transparent and reward customer loyalty. We are making good progress and plan to submit our proposals to the FSA next month."

Tesco is investing heavily in staff, revealing plans last year to create 800 call centre jobs in Glasgow and another 1000 in Newcastle.

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