Banks giving offline Brits a raw deal - Which?

Banks giving offline Brits a raw deal - Which?

Banks should install terminals in branches so that customers without Internet access can still get the best online deals, according to Which?

The consumer group says that the average rate for instant access savings accounts available in-branch is just 0.56%, less than half the 1.14% offered online. A typical online saver is around 37% better off than someone only using branches.

The research also found a 355% difference between the best online and best branch-only deal for travel insurance.

The government estimates that four million people in the UK are digitally excluded, either because they can't afford or don't have Internet access. Which? claims banks are treating these people unfairly.

Peter Vicary-Smith, CEO, Which? says: 'Not everyone is comfortable or able to manage their finances online and these people are missing out on the best deals as a result. Banks should be more inclusive by offering terminals in branches where customers could access online deals, with some help from staff."

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