Bungling bank robber hands over debit card and ID to teller

Bungling bank robber hands over debit card and ID to teller

A would-be bank robber handed over his debit card and Texas state ID to the teller during his failed heist at a Wells Fargo branch in Texas.

According to local press reports, Nathan Wayne Pugh - who has a criminal record dating back 30 years - walked into the branch last month, approached a teller and told her he wanted to make a withdrawal.

When asked how much he wanted, Pugh allegedly handed over a piece of paper that warned that the Whataburger bag he was holding did not contain food but a "bom". The note also told the teller to put money in an envelope and not "make any move" until he had been gone for 10 minutes.

The teller informed Pugh that he needed to provide some identification before she could give him the money, prompting him to hand over his Wells Fargo debit card, says the Dallas Morning News.

After asking for $2000 he then obliged a request for a second form of identification, providing a state of Texas ID card, bearing his name.

The teller pressed the bank's silent alarm before giving him the $900 contained in her cash drawer, which he accepted, refusing her offer to get the rest from the back of the bank.

As he turned to leave Pugh was confronted by police officers and tried to take a woman holding a baby as hostage, threatening to kill her. However, the woman wrestled five foot six inches tall Pugh to the ground and he was arrested.

Career criminal hands over debit card, Texas ID during bungled Dallas bank robbery - Dallas Morning News

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