GPS trackers foil bank robbers

GPS trackers foil bank robbers

Armed robbers who held up an Illinois bank branch have been scuppered by GPS tracking devices hidden with the stolen cash, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The paper reports that on 30 December, Timothy Rucker, 33, Phillip Griffen, 31, and Brandon Barnes, 25, held up a branch of TCF Bank in Calumet City, making off with around $9000 in two blue nylon bags.

Unfortunately for them, the bags also contained two credit card-sized GPS trackers hidden with the notes. The police followed the signals and arrested the men at the home of one suspect's parents within an hour.

The Tribune says Illinois banks have been using the technology - which can broadcast GPS, mobile phone and RF signals - for around two years.

Robbery getaway is foiled by GPS - Chicago Tribune

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