BofA call centre worker pleads guilty over data theft

BofA call centre worker pleads guilty over data theft

A former Bank of America call centre worker has pleaded guilty to stealing high-net worth customer account information and trying to sell it.

According to press reports, citing court documents, Brian Matty Hagen is alleged to have recorded the names, birth dates, addresses and account histories of high net-worth customers who called the Florida contact centre where he worked.

Hagen then met individuals at a restaurant and agreed to hand over the stolen details for use in a credit bust-out scam in return for a quarter of any profits.

However, his 'accomplices' were undercover FBI officers operating a sting and Hagen was arrested. He has now pleaded guilty to bank fraud and faces up to 30 years in jail and a $1 million fine.

Earlier this year a BofA IT worker was charged with hacking the firm's cash machine systems, enabling him to make withdrawals at ATMs without the transactions getting logged.

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