Banco Sabadell gears up for iPad launch

Banco Sabadell gears up for iPad launch

Spain's Banco Sabadell has unveiled iPad and iPhone specific versions of its mobile banking service.

The bank says the apps for the iPhone and iPad - which is set to launch in Spain next month - tap the "interactivity and usability" features of the Apple products.

The apps - targeted at both consumer and business customers - let users check up on accounts and cards, make transfers, deal shares and file signatures.

Customers have the option to save favourite transactions and personalise the menu with direct access keys for interaction involving accounts, cards, transfers and personal manager data.

Banco Sabadell says the apps also feature ATM and branch locating technology, giving users a better quality of maps and greater accuracy than normal m-banking services.

Finextra verdict Is this the first finance app created for the iPad by a European bank? Youbetcha. It may even be the very first banking app for the iPad worldwide. We can't make any definitive claims for it, although we're not aware of any other banks with native apps on Apple's shiny new platform. As apps go it's fairly standard fare, and nowhere near as groundbreaking as the augmented reality house hunting app previewed by CBA earlier today (CBA launches augmented reality iPhone app for home buyers). Nonetheless Banco Sabadell has once again shown its flair for forward-thinking innovation by moving early to capitalise on the release of a new consumer product that has yet to see the light of day outside of North America.

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