Finance-related iPad apps launch

Finance-related iPad apps launch

Finance firms from Nasdaq OMX to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey's Square have moved to tap the Apple iPad hype with the launch of apps for the new hardware.

The iPad can run the 150,000 apps designed for the iPhone but Apple is also encouraging firms to offer products specifically designed for the new tool, taking advantage of its much larger screen.

Dorsey's Square, which was specifically designed for the iPhone, has now got an iPad version, turning the device into a payment card reader.

Nasdaq OMX's Portfolio Manager app provides the same features as its iPhone offering, enabling users to build a portfolio and watch list using real-time stock price data for US, Nordic and Baltic stocks.

The app includes a flashing price screen to highlight real time movements, a chart overlay to show technical analysis, and capabilities for video and tweet posting.

Thomson Reuters has introduced a free iPad-specific app called Marketboard that provides users with market news and data, while online broker E*Trade has launched an iPad version of its Mobile Pro offering.

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