US gives $100 note makeover to beat counterfeiters

US gives $100 note makeover to beat counterfeiters

The US government has unveiled its latest $100 note, complete with "advanced technology" designed to beat counterfeiters.

The new notes - to be introduced next February - will include a blue 3-D Security Ribbon on the front containing images of bells and 100s that move and change from one to the other as you tilt the note.

Another new security feature is "The Bell in the Inkwell", which changes colour from copper to green when the note is tilted, an effect that makes it seem to appear and disappear within the copper inkwell.

The note also retains three security features from the previous design: the portrait watermark of Benjamin Franklin, the security thread, and the colour-shifting numeral 100.

Although less than 1/100th of one per cent of the value of all US currency in circulation is reported counterfeit, the $100 note is the most widely circulated and most often counterfeited denomination outside the country, say officials.

Treasurer of the United States Rosie Rios says: "The new security features announced today come after more than a decade of research and development to protect our currency from counterfeiting."

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