Online unveiling for new $5 bill

Online unveiling for new $5 bill

The US government has unveiled the re-design of the $5 note on the Internet.

Officials from the US Treasury, Federal Reserve Board, Bureau of Engraving and Printing and secret service took part in the 'Wi-5' preview of the note.

The unveiling took place on the government's moneyfactory Web site and featured a discussion on security efforts by officials and an online question and answer session for reporters. Podcasts about the new bill are also posted on the site.

The new bill will require adjustments to machines, such as vending and transit farecard units, that accept the bills. The government says it began informing manufacturers about the changes more than a year ago.

Larry Felix, director of the Treasury's bureau of engraving and printing, says: "We are working with manufacturers of ATMs and other cash-oriented machines to ensure they have the information they need to adjust their machines to accept the new bills."

The new bill includes improved security features, including an extra watermark and re-designed security thread, to make it harder to counterfeit and easier for businesses and consumers to identify.

Last year the US secret service seized about $53 million in counterfeit bills before they entered circulation last year, while another $65 million was pulled out from circulation.

The $10, $20 and $50 bills have all received make-overs since 2003, with the $100 note next in line.

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