Barclays business customers to get contactless as standard

Barclays business customers to get contactless as standard

Barclays says that from March all new and reissued Visa debit cards for business customers will come with contactless technology as standard.

The bank was the first to introduce contactless technology on cards in the UK in 2007. Last March it began issuing contactless cards as standard to personal customers and now claims six million holders.

Now business customers will also be able to pay for purchases of up to £15 - recently raised from £10 - by tapping their cards against contactless readers at the point of sale.

Brian Cunnington, head, debit cards, Barclays says: "Introducing contactless-enabled debit cards to this group of customers will provide a practical alternative to other payments such as cash and cheques and will help to make managing their money a little more convenient by making it easier to keep records of small expenses, traditionally paid for by cash."

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A Finextra member
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A £15 limit makes accepting contactless a more tempting prospect to retailers for the simple reason that more people can get through the checkout quicker, improving footfall. There is a huge number of speed-sensitive baskets that are priced within the relevant price bracket for contactless (£10-£15), for example picking up a last-minute dinner for 2 with a bottle of wine or relatively short-distance train tickets. The remit is essentially anywhere you might see a queue.

MasterCard and Visa coming into alignment with the higher limit is welcome news for the payments industry, as it will stimulate greater interest from merchants considering a mainstream rollout, as opposed to appealing only to peak-hour reliant businesses.