FBI probes Citibank hack; bank denies hit - Wall Street Journal

FBI probes Citibank hack; bank denies hit - Wall Street Journal

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is reputedly investigating a hacking attack by a Russian cybergang that targeted Citibank and resulted in the theft of tens of million of dollars, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Two other entities, including a US government agency, were also attacked by hackers, the paper said, citing people familiar with the alleged attack on Citibank.

The supposed breach at Citibank was reputed to have taken place last summer but the FBI suspect the attack could have taken place a year earlier, the paper said.

The US moneycenter, however, has denied that any breach took place.

"We had no breach of the system and there were no losses, no customer losses, no bank losses," Joe Petro, managing director of Citigroup's Security and Investigative services told the paper. "Any allegation that the FBI is working a case at Citigroup involving tens of millions of losses is just not true."

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Bo Harald
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Media so wish it would be true..