ACI and Western Union cut ATM money transfer deal

ACI and Western Union cut ATM money transfer deal

ACI Worldwide and Western Union have entered an agreement to provide person-to-person money transfer services on ATMs using ACI's software.

Under the agreement, ACI will add the Western Union Money Transfer service to its BASE24 e-payment processing software. The deal will expand the availability of the Western Union cash transfer service to a broader range of machines and funds transfer networks in the US. ACI also will provide services to help current BASE24 banking users offer the facility to customers over their existing platforms.

The service allows a consumer to electronically send money using any participating ATM by simply swiping a cashcard and selecting the money transfer option. The user selects a personalised code, which is then relayed with a confirmation number to the intended recipient, who can retrieve the funds from any participating ATM. No bankcard is necessary to receive the funds.

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