ACI delivers e-mail-based electronic billing and payment

ACI delivers e-mail-based electronic billing and payment

ACI Worldwide has launched its second-generation software for electronic statement delivery (ESD) and electronic bill delivery and payment (EBDP). The new solution offers companies the ability to send bills by e-mail, and consumers a facility for initiating payments from within the electronic bill.

"ACI's second-generation solutions are built with an emphasis on delivery as opposed to the first generation of electronic bill and statement solutions that focused on presentment," says Dan Heimann, director of marketing for ACI's electronic delivery and payment solutions. "Instead of asking customers to surf to an Internet site to see their statements or bills, our software delivers the documents directly to the customer via e-mail."

ACI's billing system also offers consumers a "pay biller" button, which generates instructions for automatically clearing payments via direct debit machanisms such as ACH, Bacs and Giro or via card payments.

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