Datawatch gives IF an integrated product portal

Datawatch gives IF an integrated product portal

Intelligent Finance, the telenet banking operation of the UK's Halifax bank, is using online reporting technology from Massachusetts-based Datawatch International to place an integrated customer information portal at the desktops of all staff.

Intelligent Finance was launched in September 2000 and became the first UK bank to allow customers to connect their banking products in any way that suited them, offsetting credits against debits across multiple accounts.

Datawatch's MonarchES solution has been implemented to deliver information from disparate product information systems to the desktops of 1500 IF staff, enabling a single view of all products linked to a customer and a single point of contact for customers when they communicate with the bank.

Monarch enables users to take multiple report file formats, hold them in a repository, apply logical indexes and models and deliver report views on demand. The system is being used by IF to provide over 200 selected report views from the Intelligent Finance product portfolio and customer records.

In addition to facilitating intelligent communication with customers, the system has virtually eliminated the need for hard copy reporting, states the bank, reducing the costs associated with print production such as paper, printer consumables, floor space for printing, distribution and hard copy report archiving

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