Schlumberger alliance offers off-the-shelf mobile security package

Schlumberger alliance offers off-the-shelf mobile security package

Digital Signature Trust (DST), Diversinet and Schlumberger Network Solutions, have joined forces to create AirTight, an off-the-shelf, bundled wireless security and integration package.

AirTight is the first mobile security and application initiative pre-packaged with digital signature capabilities, mobile applications, and installation support, claim the companies. Full implementation takes just under 90 days.

Mehrzad Mahdavi, vice president, global financial markets, Schlumberger Network Solutions, says: "Customers don't want to devote their time and financial resources to build a mobile infrastructure for their products. They would much rather use a packaged approach and focus on their core competencies."

The AirTight programme includes software integration for the migration of enterprise applications to mobile delivery channels; complete integration and testing from client site to Certificate Authority secure facilities; 25 RIM Blackberry wireless handhelds with three months airtime; TrustID mobile digital certificates; low entry price; ongoing technical support; and on-site training.

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