International ATM skimming network busted

International ATM skimming network busted

European authorities have dismantled an international ATM skimming network, arresting 15 people.

The Belgium-based gang is believed to have used skimming devices and miniature cameras to steal card data before making counterfeits and withdrawing millions of euros.

The group is alleged to have stolen details in Romania, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Ireland, the UK, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Dominican Republic and Morocco.

Officials, led by Belgium authorities in conjunction with Europol and Eurojust, made 34 house searches throughout Europe, before arresting seven suspects in Belgium, six in Romania and two in Spain on Wednesday.

According to press reports, the investigation began in March after Brussels-based e-payments outfit Atos Worldwide told authorities that cash withdrawals were being made overseas using cards copied from a Belgian cash distributing machine.


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