Canadian cops arrest ATM skimming couple

Canadian cops arrest ATM skimming couple

Canadian police have arrested and charged a married couple that allegedly ran an ATM card skimming operation in Toronto.

Dimitar Iliev, 35, and Ralitsa Ivanova, 33, have been charged with 81 counts of fraud and forgery in relation to the card skimming scam.

The pair are accused of installing devices at ATMs in Toronto to steal customer data and using the information to make counterfeit cards.

The Toronto Police Service Fraud Squad says it has seized 40 counterfeit debit and credit cards, C$14000 cash, US$17,000 cash, an ATM Pin pad video, a cash machine skimming device and 13 fraudulently obtained credit cards from two addresses in the city.

Police say Iliev had already been arrested in Florida in June 2007 for the possession of 140 counterfeit credit cards. He used a fraudulently acquired Canadian passport in the name of Carlo Racicot to mislead US police and fled to Canada after being released on bail.

Police say that between 2001 and 2008, Iliev also used this alias and the name Sylvain Breton to obtain a Canadian passport, along with Ontario and Quebec drivers' licenses and social insurance number (SIN) cards in order to obtain credit and defraud banks of least $132,000.

In a separate incident an ATM operations manager at Barclays' operations in Kampala, Uganda has been arrested on suspicion of theft.

According to local press reports David Tiromwe is accused of transferring over sh70 million from the bank to his personal account.

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