NCR showcases big screen ATM offering

NCR showcases big screen ATM offering

NCR Corporation has launched a big screen cash machine for the booming drive-by market.

The Personas 90, part of NCR's self-service TouchPoints family, is a freestanding drive-up model, with a larger flat screen which doubles the viewing area from that of a traditional beveled screen. The machine is colour customisable for branding purposes and secures directly on standard 36-inch islands.

NCR says consumers in the United States have adopted the drive-up ATM more than any other country, reflecting US commuting habits. According to a 2000 report issued by the Federal Highway Administration, more than half of those surveyed nationwide indicate they make at least one stop on the way to or from work or school. Frequently, those stops involve shopping and errands, making quick access to cash an important convenience. NCR cites reseach which indicates that US bank customers are 20 per cent more likely to use an ATM if they can access it from their car.

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