JSE 'deeply apologetic' for technical shut-down

JSE 'deeply apologetic' for technical shut-down

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange was forced to extend trading in equities and derivatives by two hours Monday, after technical problems shut down dealing until mid-afternoon.

In a statement posted on its Website, the JSE says: "The delay was as a result of technical issues experienced with the JSE network where public data was not being disseminated to JSE customers."

Trading resumed at 15.10 and the equity and equity derivatives markets both closed at the later hour of 19.00.

The shut-down and news black-out infuriated brokers working the market as trading positions were left open throughout the day.

In its statement, the JSE says: "The JSE is deeply apologetic for this trading interruption and is pursuing all courses of action necessary to prevent this from reoccurring."

The market had a glitch-free opening this morning.

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