Amex hit by technical glitches

Amex hit by technical glitches

American Stock Exchange (Amex) was hit by a technical glitch as it opened for trading yesterday morning that forced it to shut down for about 45 minutes, marking the second fall over at the exchange in as many weeks.

According to press reports the most recent problem resulted from mismatched ticker symbols on an exchange server. This affected trading in equities and exchange traded funds, but options trading was unaffected.

Last week Amex suffered technical glitches with a platform it is phasing out, which led to a halt in trading of stocks and exchange traded funds.

In a statement about this earlier problem posted on its Web site, Amex says: "An issue occurred between our legacy CMS order entry gateway and our new system AEMI."

AEMI - the Auction and Electronic Market Integration platform - went live in the fourth quarter of 2006 in preperation for the implementation of Regulation NMS rules in February 2007.

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