Pre-paid card with proof-of-age launched in UK

Pre-paid card with proof-of-age launched in UK

A Visa card that combines pre-pay functionality with government-approved proof-of-age verification has been launched in the UK.

The UreLife card, which includes a colour photograph and Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) accredited hologram, is being launch in London's Oxford Street.

The cards - available in five age groups; 12-15 years, 16-17, 18-20, 21+ and 60+ - are colour-coded according to age category and include a photo, hologram and the holder's date of birth.

The PIN-enabled card can be topped up by phone, direct debit, cheque and postal order.

UreLife says the new card provides parents and retailers with an effective way to stop under-age spending on prohibited items such as alcohol and cigarettes whilst offering teenagers and young adults freedom and security when shopping.

The card includes a number - which is required for online and telephone purchases - that corresponds to the cardholder's age and enables retailers to detect under-age buyers.

Carl Horne, director, UreLife, says: "The UreLife card is a new, safer way to carry, manage and spend money. Under-18s will have all the benefits and freedoms of cashless spending, while the proof-of-age mechanism will restrict purchases of alcohol, cigarettes and other age-restricted products."

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