BioPay adds age verification to biometric payments system

BioPay adds age verification to biometric payments system

US biometric payments firm BioPay is adding an age verification feature to its retail payments product which automatically screens customers making purchases of age-restricted items such as alcohol and tobacco.

BioPay says the new feature will enable retail stores to verify a customer's date of birth at enrollment and then automatically approve legal age customers for all future transactions.

The vendor's biometric technology stores scanned fingerprints as a set of 40 unique data points. Customers then select a personal 10-digit number which is used to authorise payments from a bank account as well as to verify their age.

Tim Robinson, president, BioPay, says: "Retailers need to feel more confident that a purchaser's age is being verified consistently and accurately throughout their store or chain. With BioPay, a one-time registration of the consumer allows legal-age purchasers to be automatically verified for future age-restricted purchases."

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