Swift standardises on Datakey PKI technology

Swift standardises on Datakey PKI technology

The Society for WorldWide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (Swift) has selected Datakey's PKI smart card technology to bundle with its SwiftAlliance WebStation product.

WebStation is Swift's strategic interface platform targeted at supporting communications over the organisation's new private IP infrastructure, SwiftNet, enabling interactive messaging, interactive file transfer and information browsing in a fully managed and secure environment.

Datakey smart cards, card readers and interface software were selected as important components of the SwiftAlliance WebStation because they provide the most powerful cryptographic and portable security for digital credentials used to authenticate and verify the identities of financial institutions and customers communicating over SwiftNet, says the company.

Dusan Pobuda, senior product manager for security at Swift, says: "With FIPS 140-1 private key protection and seamless interoperability with the SwiftNet PKI solution, Datakey smart cards were a natural fit with our SwiftAlliance WebStation product."

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