Fiserv reports record AS/400 benchmark results

Fiserv reports record AS/400 benchmark results

Fiserv is reporting improved benchmarking results for its International Comprehensive Banking System (ICBS) running on the IBM AS/400. The system recently processed 50 million accounts in just under four hours at IBM's benchmarking centre in Minnesota.

The benchmark also processed 20 million accounts in just under two hours and 5 million accounts in 27 minutes. The accounts processed were created in an empty database wherein banker analysts created real-world account situations and included multi-currency transactions. Fiserv further emulated the retail banking environment by spreading a majority of the accounts over a small number of the 100 branches used in the test.

Testing was conducted on a 12-way, standard IBM feature model, shipment available, 740-series AS/400. The hardware was not performance-tuned in any way, says Fiserv. The benchmark also tested the ability of IBM AS/400 Symmetric Multiple Processors to spread the workload volume efficiently over all available processors.

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