Compaq machines scale new heights in early benchmarks

Compaq machines scale new heights in early benchmarks

Sanchez Computer Associates says its enterprise banking system, Profile/Anyware, has achieved faster transaction processing speeds in preliminary tests running on Compaq's new GS-Series of high-end AlphaServers.

The tests compare results against earlier Compaq Alpha machines. Sanchez plans to conduct a formal benchmark later this summer.

Transaction processing speed and scalability are becoming increasingly important criteria for financial institution e-business initiatives.

Phil Chenard, Sanchez vice president of platforms and technology integration, says: "Sanchez focuses on providing direct and Internet bank solutions for large financial institutions. Those institutions require fast, on-line, real-time systems that scale to accommodate large account volumes with rapid growth rates."

Compaq recently unveiled its new GS-Series of high-end AlphaServers - GS160 and GS320. Compaq says the new line of Risc-based machines can operate using either Tru64 Unix or OpenVMS operating systems.

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