Commerce Bank customer records disclosed in hack attack

Commerce Bank customer records disclosed in hack attack

Midwestern Commerce Bank has notified 3000 customers that their personal banking details might be at risk after discovering that one of its computer databases had been infiltrated by hackers.

Commerce has determined that a total of 20 customers had personal data compromised in one database of 3000 records on the compromised computer system. The bank - which operates 360 branches in Missouri, Illinois and Kansas - has notified the initial 20 customers as well as the remaining 3000 customers in that database regarding a possibility that their information has been accessed.

Commerce has not disclosed the nature of the breach, but says the hacking was detected and quickly shut down. The bank says it is working with law enforcement authorities to try and track down the attackers.

In a statement, the bank says: "We are carefully and actively monitoring all accounts for fraudulent activity and we employ sophisticated fraud detection software to review account transactions. We advise all our customers to regularly and carefully monitor their accounts and to contact us immediately if they see any fraudulent charges."

In addition, Commerce is providing free credit monitoring service to affected customers for 24 months, plus a toll-free number to call with any questions or concerns.

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