Hack attack hits 300 banks

Hack attack hits 300 banks

A security breach at Goldleaf Financial Solutions, a provider of Internet services to US community banks, has exposed online banking details belonging to customers of over 300 banks to hackers.

In a statement released last week, Goldleaf - which provides Web-based ACH, cheque conversion, and remote deposit solutions as well as hosted Web sites and intranets for community financial institutions - says it was forced to respond to a phishing attack on its system that redirected banking customers to bogus Web sites in a bid to entice them to enter their personal financial information.

The vendor says it temporarily suspended all Internet access to its Web site services following the incident, but specific details of the hack attack were not released.

However, according to a report by technology news site ZD Net, around 300 banks may have been affected by the fraud. The degree of exposure and the number of customers that fell for the scam is unknown.

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