Inea software eases JPMorganChase merger

Inea software eases JPMorganChase merger

JPMorganChase is using a software tool from Canada's Inea Corporation to speed up the merger integration process across the bank. The technology takes information from Chase and Morgan legacy systems and re-presents it under a common set of business rules to help assess the likely impact of organisational changes on the combined operation.

"We selected Inea as the merger integration tool because it enabled us to very quickly create a comprehensive picture of the combined organisation," says Dan Hines, vice president, investment bank strategic support, JPMorganChase. "Inea enabled us to pull financial information from disparate sources into one common set of business rules."

Andrew Keenan, vice president, investment bank finance, JPMorganChase, adds: "Using the software's drag-and-drop interface, we can easily explore 'what-ifs' for different structures and immediately see the impact on the organisation."

The Inea software is being used by MIS in tandem with business managers to model new views of the organisation and to test and develop strategies for optimising business performance says Jim Crawford, vice president of management information at the bank.

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