US Bank to issue contactless Visa debit cards

US Bank to issue contactless Visa debit cards

US Bank says it will begin distributing contactless chip-based Visa credit cards to customers in Denver this month.

The bank says it will begin rolling out the cards to customers who have agreed to participate in a pilot of the contactless technology.

Cardholders can pay for purchases by holding their cards near a secure reader at checkout instead of swiping them or handing them to a cashier. Customers will not be required to provide a signature for most purchases under $25, and contactless merchants will not have to provide a receipt for purchases under $25 to cardholders.

Customers who receive the contactless card will be able to continue swiping the card at merchants that don't have the contactless feature.

Patrick Coll, EVP of retail payments, US Bank, says the introduction of contactless "is a reflection of our consumer and merchant customers' desire to pay and go quickly and securely".

"We anticipate enthusiastic acceptance in Denver and look forward to expanding the programme," he adds.

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