Visa introduces contactless mini payments card

Visa introduces contactless mini payments card

Visa US has launched a contactless mini payment card, about half the size of a traditional credit card and small enough to attach to a keyring.

The card is embedded with a contactless chip and antenna that provide the contactless payments functionality and also features a magnetic stripe.

Visa says the contactless card, which will be issued as a complementary card to a credit or debit card, eliminates the need for customers to retrieve their plastic from wallets and purses.

The company says its own research shows that the mini card is the second most preferred form of payment after the standard-sized card, with the majority of consumers stating that they would be interested in adding contactless functionality to a mini card.

Elizabeth Buse, EVP, product development and management, Visa USA, says: "At half the size of a standard Visa card, it's convenient to carry and simple to use. That ease of use will help continue the momentum behind Visa Contactless, as we offer more payment choices to cardholders."

Visa said last month that its Visa Contactless brand had surpassed 20,000 merchant acceptance locations in the US, making it "one of the most rapidly adopted payment innovations in Visa history".

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