Thai futures exchange to launch online trading services

Thai futures exchange to launch online trading services

The Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX) says it will launch its new Internet-based trading services on 28 August.

TFEX says providing a trading alternative through the Internet will make the investing process faster and more convenient for traders.

Over the past few months TFEX has launched a number of initiatives to educate investors and brokers in online trading of SET50 Index Futures, including seminars, training and a simulation game.

The exchange says at least 10 brokerage firms will initially be providing online trading services. Investors with existing futures trading accounts can tell their brokers that they wish to trade online.

TFEX president Kesara Manchusree says the numbers of participating brokers will increase and the exchange will help them to provide online trading services to clients.

Thai online trading firm says it has also developed a facility for online futures trading on th TFEX.

The service, called Settrade OneClick, was developed in partnership with Korea-based Daishin Securities.

Settrade CEO Chanisa Chutipat, says: "The development is to make it unnecessary for Thai securities companies to develop their own systems, hence help to reduce their costs."

Settradde says its service will launch on 28 August, the same day that TFEX allows for online futures trading to start, and will initially be used by 10 brokerage firms.

Research released by Datamonitor earlier this week shows that Internet share dealing has now overtaken traditional trading methods such as telephone or face-to-face trading. Over half consumers are now placing trades online.

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