First National Bank buys 500 Diebold ATMs

First National Bank buys 500 Diebold ATMs

South Africa's First National Bank (FNB) has purchased 500 Opteva ATMs from US vendor Diebold to support its new ATM rental venture.

Diebold says the bank will rent the ATMs to retail organisations across South Africa to provide self-service banking capabilities in areas where it had previously lacked presence.

Mike Arnold, CEO, ATM division, FNB comments: "This is a big country, and conditions are not always right to have bank representation at every location. Diebold's Opteva ATMs are ideal for FNB to extend its reach across the country."

The bank says retailers that rent the ATMs will be able to generate revenue through transaction fees.

"Our goal is to provide retailers with a compelling incentive to keep the ATMs well-maintained and encourage their use. This positions FNB as a business partner, not just a service provider," says Arnold.

The vendor says it will provide FNB with maintenance services, first and second level software support and service delivery through local supplier Banking Machine Services.

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