Al Rajhi Bank signs for Diebold biometric ATMs

Al Rajhi Bank signs for Diebold biometric ATMs

Saudi Arabia's Al Rajhi Bank has contracted with Diebold for the supply and implementation of 82 biometric ATMs which will be used to distribute monthly retirement payments at social security offices across the Kingdom.

Under the deal, Diebold will manage the implementation of the biometric Opteva terminals and provide overall development of the biometric software, including a customised user interface in the local language.

The biometric units will be deployed at social security offices throughout Saudi Arabia and will be used by 400,000 retirees. The biometric technology will replace the use of PINs and allow users to withdraw money by using their mag-stripe cards and scanning their fingers on the machine.

Suliman Al Obaid, general manager of IT and shared services, Al Rajhi Bank, says the biometric ATMs "will allow us to expand our business by distributing government-mandated pension payments on a monthly basis".

Al Obaid says the biometric programme may be expanded to include the enrollment of other customers in rural areas who are unfamiliar with the use of PINs.

The bank recently purchased 240 Opteva ATMs through Diebold's local partner Alhamrani Universal Company (AU). Diebold says its Agilis ATM software will enable the integration of biometric technology in the terminals.

The bank has also contracted with Diebold for the replacement of legacy ATMs with new Opteva island units, which are equipped with Diebold's 'Extreme Environmental Kit' which incorporates an air conditioner within the ATM.

Diebold says the kit extends the life of ATMs by allowing them to operate in regions with excessive hot and cold temperatures and reduces operating costs by eliminating the need to enclose the ATM in an air-conditioned building or kiosk.

The kit also includes a terminal safe and enclosure protected by more than double the insulating properties of previous models, better protecting the unit's devices against rapid and significant temperature fluctuations.

Additionally, 37 advanced-function Opteva terminals will replace Diebold's legacy i and ix-Series terminals at Al Rajhi bank branches and off-site locations. The upgrades will provide advanced functionality such as bulk note acceptance.

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