London's Canary Wharf bans World Cup screenings

London's Canary Wharf bans World Cup screenings

Authorities have banned the screening of World Cup matches on giant outdoor screens in London's financial district after fights broke out during England's first game in the football tournament.

Reuters said last week that it would show World Cup matches on the giant screen outside its headquarters at Canary Wharf and at another screen at Broadgate Circle in the City. The BBC had also installed a giant screen in the area.

But a spokeswoman for the Canary Wharf Group, which manages the district, told Reuters reporters that further screenings of England matches would be scrapped after several people were injured in a brawl involving 200 fans during Saturday's screening of England's World Cup match against Paraguay.

According to press reports about 16 people were injured after fighting broke out in the 6000-strong crowd during the second half of the match.

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