Massive ID theft ring hits 50 banks

Massive ID theft ring hits 50 banks

An identity theft ring that affects customers of up to 50 international banks has been uncovered by Florida online security firm, Sunbelt Software.

According to press reports, the operation is gathering personal data from thousands of computers using keystroke-logging software.

Sunbelt says the data collected includes credit card details, social security numbers and usernames and passwords for online banking sites. Some of this data is then sent in a file hosted on a US-based server with a domain registered offshore.

The vendor says it has seen confidential financial details of customers from up to 50 international banks since it has been monitoring the file.

Sunbelt President Alex Eckelberry wrote in a blog posting that the information included details on one company bank account with more than $350,000 in deposits and another belonging to a small California company with over $11,000 readily accessible.

Sunbelt says the operation is being investigated by the FBI.

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