Playing the market: music to watch trades by

Playing the market: music to watch trades by

A CD of experimental music based on patterns found in the stock market and economic data has gone on sale.

The CD is the debut audio recording by Emerald Suspension and features compositions based on a variety of source data such as stock returns, trading volume, interest rates and related financial algorithms.

A track entitled 'Long Bond' is a string solo based on the pattern of interest rates as represented by the historical yields of 30-year treasury bonds, while 'Stock Options' is an experimental audio composition derived from calculations based on the Black-Scholes option pricing model. A track called 'Fibonacci's Random Walk' is algorithmic music based on the Fibonacci number series used as an investment indicator by some technical traders.

Producer Troy Curtis says the tracks included on the CD range from minimalist algorithmic music to raw industrial audio arrangements and says the resulting audio is "primarily conceptual, but can be surprisingly musical in many cases."

The disc has been described by Frans de Waard, a reviewer on music e-mag Vital Weekly as: "A fine balance between ... orchestral pieces, a bit of sound collage and electro-acoustic music, all powered by this strange concept of whatever facts and figures the stock market has brought us. A most curious mixture."


We wonder at Finextra HQ if this will inspire a new generation of musicians. Our money is on Stock market, Aitken and Waterman.

More information about these and other tracks can be found at

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