Vasco introduces speech-enabled authentication system

Vasco introduces speech-enabled authentication system

E-security technology company Vasco is launching a speech-enabled version of its Digipass 300 authentication system that has been designed for use by visually-impaired online banking customers.

Vasco says its Digipass 300 Comfort Voice product features an LCD display and extra large buttons, with an orientation mark on the number five button allowing the user to select the right functionality and to type in a PIN code. Every key press by the user will be followed by an acoustic feedback and calculated codes are "spoken" to the user through a built-in speaker or via a headset.

The device supports a number of languages and can be customised to enable banks to offer to customers a Digipass that operates in the local language.

Jan Valcke, president and COO, Vasco, says: "Blind and visually impaired people very often manage their own financials. With Digipass 300 Comfort Voice, they can securely perform transactions and check their balances."

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