NCR teams with SolidCore Systems for ATM compliance

NCR teams with SolidCore Systems for ATM compliance

US ATM manufacturer NCR is embedding technology from California-based SolidCore Systems into its Aptra software to help ATM deployers comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and other imminent regulatory requirements.

NCR says the integrated system will provide a cost-effective approach to regulatory compliance and protecting the ATM channel from potential risks and external and internal threats.

Bob Tramontano, VP, engineering and product marketing, for NCR's financial solutions division, says while the industry continues to focus on the threat of worms and viruses entering the ATM software environment, business risks and regulatory compliance issues are virtually ignored.

"There are required audit trails for software changes, other requirements related to Sarbanes-Oxley and imminent industry compliance measures that may not yet be on the radar screen for most ATM channel managers," he says.

Tramontano says until now, there have been ad-hoc security offers in the market that only address symptoms of the security problem: "With this technology and compliance-ready ATMs, our customers don't have to worry about these issues affecting their business or the consumer."

Robert Sandie, EVP of Solidcore's worldwide operations, comments: "This brings an entirely new level of security to the banking industry at a time when the transition to Windows-based platforms is picking up speed.

"Using NCR's ATM expertise, we have tailored a single approach for the ATM channel that addresses these potential technical and business risks."

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