Consumers ready for m-commerce

Consumers ready for m-commerce

UK consumers most want to use 3G mobile technology for financial transactions such as micropayments, e-ticketing and loyalty programmes, according to research commissioned by European software house Impaq Business Solutions.

While current useage of mobile phones revolves around voice calls and SMS messaging, the study suggests that consumers are ready to take advantage of new 3G-capabilities and are prepared to use their handsets as credit, debit and loyalty cards, for e-ticketing such as flight check-ins and for access control purposes.

Chris Thomas, group director, Impaq, says the study highlights the requirement for UK organisations to take advantage of 3G's potential and explore new ways of engaging with customers.

"The mobile's ubiquity is now so strongly established that existing staples of daily life such as wallets, credit cards, cash and keys could all potentially be replaced by and/or be incorporated into the mobile phone," says Thomas.

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