Hansard trials 3G technology

Hansard trials 3G technology

Offshore financial services group Hansard has begun trials of 3G technology using its Internet toolset, Hansard OnLine.

3G technology promises to allow mobile phone users to access the Internet at speeds significantly faster than traditional modem connections.

Hansard's e-commerce subsidiary, Hansard Information Services, has developed B2B and B2C applications to support IFAs and their clients worldwide. Hansard OnLine is a secure portal through which Hansard's business partners can access their own data through almost any Internet terminal worldwide.

Paul Harwood, e-commerce company chief executive, says Hansard is the first financial services group to trial 3G technology in this way. "At the moment the results of the trials are confidential. However, we look forward to sharing our experiences with the market following the conclusion of the trial."

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