Consumer security fears weakening resistance to biometrics

Consumer security fears weakening resistance to biometrics

One in three UK citizens would like banks to introduce biometric security to help combat card fraud, according to research commissioned by Fujitsu Services.

The IT management services company claims that growing fears over the security of online banking services is breaking down traditional consumer resistance to the use of biometrics.

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi in Japan is preparing to deploy a biometric security system based on vein-pattern recognition technology from Fujitsu. From October, the bank will start issuing Visa credit cards with embedded integrated circuits that contain customer vein pattern information. The cards function as cash cards, credit cards and as electronic money and are read whenever cardholders use ATMs or make transactions at bank counters.

Ann Hosford, business development manager for financial services at Fujitsu Services, says banks need to draw on the experience of other financial institutions around the world if card fraud is to be reduced.

"Biometric security can be used to build customer confidence and to reduce PIN theft," she comments.

Fujistsu's survey of 1000 UK adults additionally found that 29% of people are fearful of using online banking services due to security worries.

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