Cedecra outsources transaction data delivery to TNS

Cedecra outsources transaction data delivery to TNS

Cedecra Group a provider of IT services to regional banks in Italy, has signed a two-year contract with Transaction Network Services (TNS) for the mangagement and delivery of its card payments data.

Under the deal Cedecra's subsidiary Sofinco, which manages clients' connectivity to the national interbank network, will outsource the end-to-end management of its transactional data to TNS Italy.

TNS will collect and transport transactions from Cedecra's host, serving 9000 terminals owned by customers and partners, and route them to processors. TNS says it has developed an IP-based system that will enable Cedecra to collect and transport credit and debit card transactions in either IP or X.25 without its retailers or banks needing to change their infrastructure.

Nino D'Ambrogio, general manager, Cedecra Group, says the move is part of its plans to develop acquiring services: "Partnering with TNS enables Cedecra Group to compete with principal consortia for reliable, cost-effective acquiring and processing.

"It facilitates Cedecra's move to advanced IP technologies, whilst supporting banking customers' legacy systems."

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