Lloyds TSB creates replica site for novice Web banking customers

Lloyds TSB creates replica site for novice Web banking customers

UK bank Lloyds TSB is implementing VeriSIM's Web site simulation technology in a bid to drive up user numbers and customer activity on its recently revamped personal banking site.

The bank has signed a two year contract for the technology, which it will use to demonstrate its online banking services to potential customers. The system allows customers to practice Internet banking transactions on a replica site before registering to use real online services.

Matthew Timms, Internet director, Lloyds TSB, says the software "can demonstrate the ease-of-use and convenience of our services to customers, by allowing them to try out the service before committing to the real thing".

Lloyds TSB will also use the simulation for training branch and online support staff so they are able to explain and demonstrate the benefits of Web banking to customers face-to-face.

James Anderson, chief executive of VeriSIM, comments: "Our solution takes the fear out of the Web for banking customers. Whether they are using dial-up or broadband Internet connections, it simplifies the process of using banking facilities online and gives them the confidence to register and start making transactions from a position of knowledge."

Anderson says Internet banks are discovering that simulation technology helps to convert a larger proportion of potential customers and drives up use of transactional functions.

VeriSIM says its technology is now used by seven of the UK's top ten Web banking sites.

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